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Offense-Defense Sports 2019 ODPD offers young athletes the opportunity to hone their skills and techniques in a player development camp that feature training events for Offensive Line, Defensive Line, Quarter Backs, Running Backs, Receivers and more. Camp Price $100

  • Professional Coaching Staff:

Learn from our professional coaching staff, while participating in an effective curriculum that builds on offensive/defensive skills and techniques. Prepare yourself for highly intense drills and 7v7 games to build upon your skills for the upcoming season. From school yards to Nationals our ODPD program helps to promote team work, builds confidence,  develops position skills and prepares you for the next level of football.


  • Top Training

Through non-contact group drills, 1-on-1 drills and 7-on-7 games, we develop a strong knowledge of the game and build upon athletes previous training..


  • Competition

Compete with other athletes to see how you may stack up in your area.  Hone your skills and techniques to better prepare you for O-D officials State Team Tryouts. Push yourself to the next level with our fast pace drills  position specific training and skill building techniques.


  • Build Character Development

ODPD is not just focused with on field technique building, we also strive to bestow in all of our camp goers a fundamental of teamwork, strong work ethics, self pride and the willingness to help others off the field. We want all of our young athletes to become productive adults and role models for future kids that are just starting their journey onto the gridiron.


  • We Are Always Scouting and Evaluating

We are always looking for young athletes to compete at our Regional and National levels and showcasing them in our annual All-American Bowl in Florida. When you are attending an O-D camp always bring your winning attitude, team spirit and sportsmanship character because you never know when you will get that tap on the shoulder.

Dates & Locations | Camp Price: $100