ODPD Offense-Defense Player Development

ODPD: Offense-Defense Player Development

What is ODPD? Position Specific Non-Contact Instruction implementing sound fundamentals as well as advanced position technique drills - including mock progression, form fit tackling instruction, and drill circuits with angle tackling and open field tackling.

Rankings and Results

Why should you attend? Other than improving your fundamentals, you'll be seen, evaluated, and ranked locally, regionally, and nationally by top coaches in your region, as well as be given opportunities to advance to our summer invitation-only Select camps where you can earn an invite to the 12th Annual Offense-Defense All-American Bowl!

Player Development Clinics

CONDITIONING - Mental and physical training that improves endurance and recovery time. Well conditioned athletes are capable of executing task assignments, techniques, and full speed play at high levels of effectiveness throughout competition due to conditioning and recovery training (Your typical clutch athletes will display this characteristic). Conditioning is not only a physical process, it is also mental. When the athletes mind decides it cannot go any further, then surely the body does what the mind processes. The greatest athletes in the world refused to be out trained or conditioned. O-D Football' conditioning gives our athletes the extra push needed to FINISH and compete at a very high execution level.

STAMINA - We condition our athletes to function at the highest levels of efficiency over long periods of time. Stamina provides an athlete with the advantage of remaining competitive at practice at the same level of energy, execution, and performance that they initially started. We focus on eliminating the drop off of energy, recovery time, focus, and execution during the later phases of all athletic competition.

AGILITY - Agility is learning to coordinate and train repetitive muscle groups so that an athlete receives the use of that muscle group at a specific moment during training or competitive play and gain a competitive advantage against competitors. Muscle coordination serves as a very important advantage for agility. Trained agility enables an athlete to demonstrate movements such as fakes, cuts, jumps, hand or feet techniques that are considered very versatile components during competition or training.

BALANCE - Balance is the beginning of a very good foundation for any sport. Balance is the beginning of ensuring proper stances, starting position, hand/eye coordination, and finishing techniques are properly executed. When athletes are engaged in training or competition, balance serves as the catalyst for advantage or disadvantage of expected outcomes. Proper balance minimizes small technique errors that eventually lead to unsuccessful results during competition.

SPEED - A natural talent, yet "speed training" is the development of proper running form and proper instruction. An athlete learns to reduce timed runs, as well as, improve stride length and minimize motions that could impact an athlete's speed. "Speed Training" is another component that will increase an athlete's movements and improve the athlete's speed and ability to cover space, and increase range.

QUICKNESS - We view quickness as the ability to be elusive or provide explosive bursts in very small areas of space. The sports that we provide instruction and training for constantly require an athlete to be productive in small amounts of space. Through O-D Football, the athlete's ability to increase quickness will be developed.

REACTION SPEED - The ability to react, respond, and recognize pro or counter active techniques is an asset to any competitor. These skills need to be implemented in a very short amount of time, so that the athlete will have competitive success results when training, practicing or during competition. Reaction speed places an emphasis on making trained decisions in a very short amount of time.

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